Wednesday, May 21, 2014


It wasn't so much my defeat at the precinct level that was so stunning. After all, this was my first attempt to run for any office at any level. But the total repudiation of all of those candidates, some very qualified, others not so much that surprised me. Even Matt Roetter, arguably one of the hardest workers of the Reasonable Republicans went down.

Tondee I expected to lose. It seems that county commissioners stay just long enough to piss off a majority of voters that after all, don't much care for government anyway. But for some of the others to lose, many much more qualified for office than the winners, suggests that litmus tests of what degree of political philosophy one has is the only test for success.

Sims,Souza, Brannon, Nonini, all marginally qualified, but speaks the ultra-conservative mantra, won. Brannon's last job was working the counter at a surplus building supply outlet spoiled loser in other elections and probably the worst County Clerk we have ever had, won.

Because it wasn't a win here a loss there, I don't think it had much to do with personalities. What I believe because of the consistency of the losses, is that the frustration the voters have toward Obama and his minions, they collectively flipped out and went hard right.

Having met and worked with some fine people in NIPAC, I am more upset about their repudiation than my own loss. I lost with a 40 % margin to a little known person that apparently fit the mold for the new age in Kootenai County Politics. The moral here is, if you have momentum on your side, and you work harder and spend more than your opposition, you are likely to win.

It will be an interesting few years ahead. but sometimes the pendulum swings abruptly as it has this year. We could see coming from this, a rejuvenated Democratic Party. But not just yet. If the Rally Right people don't govern well, it will open the door for liberal causes to fill the vacuum.

And finally, I want to thank those that voted for me and mourn those that couda, shouda and didn't.

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Mari Meehan said...

Sorry you lost Herb. I must say I agree with your take on the entire election. Hopefully some can be rectified in the general but I have my doubts.