Sunday, February 15, 2015


It would appear that every time a crime of violence occurs, it is immediately forced to pass a litmus test. If the violence is against black people, and especially if the police are involved, the question pops up.

I guess I'm kind of naive, but to hold the same crime to a different standard because one hates another, is not equal protection under the law. So you double the penalty if the state can prove that in your mind, you hated the opponent, which then caused you to become a berserker.

I have always thought that equality meant color blind. Apparently only if you are the wrong race. Until we get rid of the professional agitators that profit from inciting to riot, while the president buddying up to radical opportunists.

In this, the 50th year since racial issues were though over, we are going to fight another bigger battle. Between the 6o's and 'now, agitators have convinced the black community that we as a race are after them using a prejudiced police esteem as there whipping boy. At this time, and this place, no white cop vs black defendant is perceived as neutral racially.

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