Sunday, February 15, 2015


I just finished watching the 50th anniversary of the Show, Saturday Night Live, though it aired on Sunday for you calendar  It was, for use older people, a way to remember those skits that were far in the rear view mirror. There was one though, that stood out not because of it's originality, but for it's audacity.  they did not show it tonight, though many other memorable skits. were.

 It was a faux newscast with Jane Curtin and Dan Ackroyd. He remarked, "Jane, you slut."she then proceeded to tear the buttons off hr blouse and throwing her shoulders out,  suggesting apparently she had better credentials than he.

 Now back in the day that was shocking Actually, it would be today, although back in the 70's they had some censorship, it was nothing like what the liberal press has, with out legislation forced us to go back to the Puritans for a parallel. Still it was entertaining. for those that 50 years ago, sexuality was  a main part of the show.

The other problem was when they brought up the stars from yesterday. As I looked at them, I realized that Jane Curtin would never be able to project as she did. Nor would most of the others. Then I confesses to myself that I wouldn't either.

One of the most inexplicable skits, actually three to be precise, did characterizations of gay men. It wasn't close to being a misunderstanding. The actors were doing everything but tap dancing to prop their roles . It reminds me of when one of my black grandchildren called another a Nigger on Facebook. I unfriended him on same.

Above the glaring double standard, as a whole it as a great show. It started in 1975 and I watched it through out the ensuing years.  Fifty years of unfettered entertainment, where comedy was teasing other that aren't like us. Boy oh Boy, are the next few years going to be boring.


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