Monday, February 16, 2015


When are out friends on the left going to rectify the division for and against the Pipeline and of course the reduction of explosive tar sands oil. Both are targets from the Eco-Nazis, each is a separate issue dealing with the same dangers. Obviously, those that are zeroed into anti pipeline  rhetoric are then automatically favoring oil trains that go right through heavily populated cities.

The real mantra of the Sierra Club and other extremist groups is not the transportation of oil, it is opposition to it's end use, which if another country, is none of their business. The spotted owl wasn't to protect the owl, it was to keep loggers from destroying their trees.

Environmental extremists fight fracking. Not because they think it might cause minor earth movement, but because the oil and natural gas produced by this and other methods will be used. That is their bottom line. Stop burning/using carbon fuels.

Today, in West Virginia, an oil train full of cars that were destined to southern refineries, exploded violently, as has happened in other venues. A Pipeline would correct the dangers in transporting volatile fuels by rail.

It is way past time we recognized the hidden purpose that these people support, and stop our government to from siding with them. We need a balance between reckless behavior by mining and other causal effects of leaning so far left we forget the purpose of out journey.

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