Tuesday, February 17, 2015


During the last week and beyond, the press, both written and broadcast have puzzled over Obama's refusal to call Islamic Terrorism Islamic. After watching several on air interviews of Catholic Priests, Coptics,  and others dancing around the subject of Obama's refusal to label Islamic Terrorism, "Islamic."

It was pitiful and sometimes comical watching all of these religious leaders dance around the issue. Obama's father was a Moslem. He has aunts and uncles in Africa that are Moslems. Nobody really knows what his real relationship with that religion is, and if it were anyone but the president, it would indeed be none of our business.

That he stubbornly refuses to call a spade a shovel, raises questions as to where his loyalties are. I believe that his dad is the reason he won't face reality regarding radical Islam.

On top of that breaking issue, It turns out that former president Clinton, made several tips to an Island of underage young ladies, some not even teens yet, all sex slaves. His guide?A convicted pedophile. Normally I don't mix two stories on one post, but I think. if true, earth shaking news of this an other crimes are going to blow up the Clinton persona. 

It is going to be interesting to see what prominent person, religious or other wise finally brings up these and other subject One comment from Judge Judy was one of outrage regarding the pedophile allegations. Stay tuned.

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