Wednesday, February 04, 2015


Many people are becoming  worried that what is going on in so many flash points around the world will drag us into World War 111.

We have Russia becoming the trouble makers in Europe, the common market about ready to collapse, China flexing their muscles with an army and navy so large and much more muscle than back in Korea. Now they have modern weapons.

 It isn't necessary to wonder when. Word War 111 has already started with the birth of Arab Spring. Iraq has split into thirds with four different groups fighting over who will end up with what. Iran hasn't been heard from yet, but that doesn't matter. They can pick up the pieces whenever the forces battling each other run out of bullets and sabers. Libia is torn by tribal disputes, stolen weapons are being used in central Africa, having been looted from Libya.

It appears that President Obama will keep his head firmly tucked in the sand. Iran will own southern Iraq whenever they choose to act, with a likelihood of  a real Kurdistan ending up with northern Syria as well as the northern parts of Iraq. We, as the brake pedal in the middle east are not  a dependable ally any  more.

I believe that it is not only possible that some group cooks off a nuclear weapon, but probable. If our country doesn't revitalize our military which is being shrunk ala right after World war 1, when just a few years after, WW11 occurred with almost no weaponry or bodies then as is now. Listen very careful. The future is scary.

We need to become self sufficient with fuels which we are close to, refill the government reserves with oil cheaper than many years. Quit stalling over the Canadian pipe line. We did not elect the Sierra  Club to any office, so our survival will be assured if we stop letting them rule our country.

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