Saturday, January 31, 2015


Sometimes, Big Brother tries too hard to protect us from ourselves. Perhaps the case of air bags is fixing something that ain't broke. I have driven cars for sixty years, and in my youth not all that safely. Most of my career driving  cars, we didn't even have seat belts.

Recently, it has come out that a Japanese subcontractor, which provides air bags for most of the car manufactures that not only ineffective, but actually  more dangerous than wrecks without them. Several generations live to tell about these dangers who didn't have air bag protection.

From recent news stories, and admittedly I don't have the stats, more injuries appears from the use of these over the top safety items. Just today, network news showed one driver who lost the sight in one eye, when metal parts explodes back into the driver's face. In several reported incidents, the driver was killed by these faulty bags.

The government, naturally forced a recall. Wrong move. The recalls should consist of disconnecting the systems, followed by a new federal law making them either  optional, or outright dangerous and prohibited.

I would much rather have a couple of ribs broken that dying for safeties sake.

In a very ironic example, buses, including both commercial and also school buses are not equiped with air bages, or even seat belts.I personally am outraged with this double standard. If I knew how, I would disconnect the ones in my car.

Let's contact our law makers with the request that these systems be outlawed.

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