Friday, January 23, 2015


Mr President, I have some differences with you regarding protocol. I am a veteran and have a few hints for you that might, if followed keep you from showing your ass in the future.

First, just because you are president and commander-in-chief doesn't mean you can salute. It is fine when a serviceman or woman salutes you but nobody including generals salute or are saluted while in civilian clothes.

Although you sometimes act like a banana country dictator, you do not wear a uniform, nor should you. Salutes are recognition by service personal between warriors and it should never be polluted by mocking them Another  problem is while you are saluting, [see previous paragraph] You never ever hold a drink cup while attempting an arrogant act. This too shows either ignorance or arrogance, or possibly both.

Service in neighborhood political/racist groups is not service, as applies to  this lesson, protocol 101. Nor should you brief membership in the U.S. Senate count.

There are two possibilities here. Either you do not have a protocol officer, or you don't listen well. If you do have one and refuse to use him/her, then I suggest you fire that individual. On the other hand, if said officer is useful like in propaganda chief, then in order to confuse the public as you are talented with, lies, distortions and flip-flops.

All or these issues while ignored show an inability to respect the military. If you wish to look good, then bring back Retired General Petraeus in some civilian role in national security.  Not only it is a good idea, but cheating on your wife should not be a life sentence, only marriage is. Hey many of our former presidents did this repeatedly but never had to pay a price.

When you are shown departing air force one, and salute, with or without a drink cup thousands of service people and past as I am, shudder at the amateur ways.

Please do not thank me for this lesson, as I am one of the citizens that you  are representing.

That you are stubborn about defeating Islamic terrorism, shows that rather than keep our country safe, you instead kowtow to your Moslem father.

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