Thursday, January 22, 2015


It is Interesting to me, that as I watch and listen to I believe worthless clamor for more jobs. It is worthless, because it is a word that resonates with most people, especially those that are unemployed. In his state of the union address, Obama hit that subject repeatedly. The differences are one party believes that government creates jobs, while the other, Republicans, believe that business and education and training lead to  jobs.

The competition between companies that sell for the cheapest competitive prices, naturally look for the cheapest wholesale cost.  In the past several years, most electronics and other high tech items, have and still are outsourced manufacturers mostly in the Orient, but some in Mexico and other low cost labor countries are competitive because their workers in many cases are paid what we would classify as slave labor.

Another issue is lack of trained and/or educated job seekers. Due to the high price of a college degree, or God forbid  advanced degrees are simply out of reach for most families. As a result, counties like India, China, Singapore and others  are exporting their workers to us, after these countries send them to us for education. Obviously, these students get visas for the purpose of  employment in our industries, but especially in the IT fields.

Why are we so far behind that we have to import talent? We subsidize K-12, so that every child has the opportunity to hit the streets with a high school diploma. We are stuck with an educationally out of date system, while other countries realize that to compete in a global economy, they have to develop these bright young people that are chosen not because of their race or other ethnic differences, they simply invest in their most brilliant children and concentrate on the best and the brightest.

Our system is out of date. For the first time since Obama was elected, I finally agree with him in that he wants to make use of our Junior Colleges. I'll go one step further.  We should get more aggressive offering four year educations to those intelligent enough to use them.

If Obama simply wants to support those that live in poverty, then it is simply social engineering.
I propose that any high school graduate with a grade level 3.0 or higher should get a paid for opportunity to further education. This should be only for talented high school graduates.

The subject that is currently debated refers to free education. Of course there is no free lunch. But in rebuttal,   It makes more sense to educate our youth so that our own people can keep up with the third world counties. It is cheaper by far, than paying welfare and rental subsidy, food stamps and medicaid.

Let's get our kids and in my case, grand kids off the streets and into classrooms. Investing in our children and our economic future is the smartest route  and is cheap compared to continually only educate children of wealthy families.How many in the ghetto hit the streets because they believe that is is no hope for them.

The program of the 1930's is not valid anymore. importing of foreigners who have state paid education while we suffer a huge population of people who are not giving back, but are a policy of
perpetual poverty. Certainty there needs to be an income line of pay no pay. We don't need to give an education to those that are wealthy. This post suggests that we can afford this if athletes are paid to attend college, why not intellects as well.

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