Monday, January 05, 2015


Well here is where I start cancelling appointments. My front door is blacked as is the back door. But it doesn't make much difference, since the mobile home/RV park that I live in isn't plowed out either.

But here I sit with heat, lights internet and a vast library of books. I stocked up at the Bayview Mercantile yesterday in the belief that ever so many bad forecasts, this time they might have it right. They did.

Makes you wonder how bad global warming will get this winter. First, the long range prognostication was for for a dry mild Winter. Wrong. I'm interested in how many 18 inch snowfalls we will get during this season.

It just goes to show that you can politicize weather, but Mother Nature just does her own thing, ignoring the pontificating left that believes mankind has destroyed the forests, the spotted owl and now the climate. Personally I don't much care for a society that over the last 30 years has pretty much much  regulated everything.

With my toasty toes and well stocked fridge, the only question I have is how the heck did DFO make it to work and did his bike get stuck?

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Linda said...

Nice snow photo. Here in Montreal, Canada, our streets looked like skating rinks...roads and sidewalks had sheets of ice and it was pretty scary trying to walk. You have a very nice blog.