Sunday, January 11, 2015


The Silver Cup will hold an unlimited Hydroplane race along with Sprint boats August 14-15 on Lake Coeur d'Alene at the previous locations.

From the end of the 2013 Diamond Cup, until this week, The new group of hydroplane lovers stayed in the background so as to not step over the line until previous organizers proved they couldn't handle the financial part of the race.

Owing thousands to the bus company, security people and even the EMT's that were hired for any emergencies, not to mention the bank that issued them a line of credit. It became obvious that this would play out without the Diamond Cup surviving.

The new group decided on Silver Cup for two reasons. One to dissociate from the failed group, re-branding was in order. The other, while Hydroplane racing as the Diamond Cup has some tradition, Diamonds were never mined here, but Silver developed this area. A new tradition with an old one of mining was born.

Iit became obvious to the potential backers that it was while successful to the public, a disaster financially. They soon melted away, keeping their reputations intact. There were, regardless of Denials, offers to bail Doug Miller out, essentially buying him out. Apparently from his reaction when I discussed this with him last spring, he just couldn't let go. He then, with 75% ownership, but no money invested, took down his 25% partner who alone suffered severe financial loss. Ego got in the way, or maybe he was just taken in by his own rhetoric.

Enough of the old and on with the future. The president of this, a non-profit LLC,  Pat Stroud, who tried in vain to save the old but wanted a race, regardless of who ran it.  Finally, waiting for the shoe to drop from h1, the sanctioning body for the big boats, it did. H1 divorced themselves for ever from the relationship with Miller. The ones we wanted, are back. The others may go forth to try other things.

Keith Allen, a veteran of the Tri-Cities races, is Operations Manager and most of the volunteers from 2013 jumped in as well. I however, do not yet have a title. I suggested head peasant, but that was met with a raised eyebrow. Like 2013, I will take up whatever needs doing, probably with more on my plate than before. It wasn't the loyal  unpaid volunteers that failed, it was leadership. We feel confident that the leadership issue has been solved. Not one man, but the entire community owns this not for profit endeavor.

I would like to invite volunteers from 2013 to get in touch with me through my  e-address, which is I'll try to keep everyone informed  as we progress. Anyone wanting to invest in this, a community project, give me a shout.

I'll be holding down the office, answering phones, etc, as soon as we have them. Until then, my home phone is 208-683-9107.

Debbie Farnsworth will be handling the vendors this year, with a year's experience which will prove invaluable.

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