Monday, December 16, 2013

Dog Walk & Simple Mind

Over the past several years I have watched and listen to the studied observations of these ladies of my age. First, I would like to point out that either or both are much smarter than I, and what's more important, more objective.

The first Blog Fest (named by me) was held in Bayview at the Captain's Wheel Restaurant. I think there were about nine people present including the Blog father. As always in North Kootenai county, Larry was there. My high moment was then I observed a conversation between a former journalism teacher and Larry of whose name I shall not speak, since he, like the ghouls, comes out of the woodwork when his name is mentioned. Dogwalk and simple were there as well.

The reason I mentioned these two gals is that first they have finely tuned antenna when it comes to Bullshit. The second, that unlike most of the contributors here, they don't have an agenda. They use an antiquated method called common sense.These two do not break their claws agaist a stacked deck as occurs often on comments. They merely say what they have to say then they either shut up or as the case may be, go walk the dog.

Ladies, you are what lends intellect and common sense to this zoo. I'm proud to know you.

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