Monday, November 18, 2013

Why I Blog

Sometimes when things are slow and no news is flying around the community, I wonder why I continue to do this thing. Last week, if I needed reminding, I found out.

I received a phone call from a last name that I recognized on caller ID, but not the first. James Dotson. After a few minutes of conversation I finally realized two things. I was speaking to a guy retired from United Airlines that we used to call<"Airline Mike." Mike is apparently his middle name.

The second was that he had a much better memory than mine. He recollected when I was driving cab in Coeur d'Alene and even who I was living with at the time. (Cute young Texas girl.) Mike went through about an hour of remembrance from when he lived here.

Actually, he kind of didn't live here. As an airline employee, he worked out of Seattle four days a week. Leaving a car at Spokane airport, he would fly free to and from Spokane, then drive to his hideaway here in Bayview.

He bought and remodeled several homes including a float home. Mike was a genius at minutely getting everything he built perfect. Mike moved away about ten years ago if my memory serves me, which it often doesn't. We weren't friends, just acquaintances that respected each other.

Mike Dotson was calling from West Virginia, where he was raised as a child. He returned to his roots where he is ... yes, remodeling another home. This one an ancient brick home with a carriage house next to it. The bricks he tells me, are about sixteen inches thick.

While it is always good to hear from people that have moved away, it occurred to me that most probably, he contacted me because through this blog he kept track of the happenings here in Bayview, Idaho. So I'll keep plodding along, writing when I have something to say and gliding a bit when there isn't any news of import. Thanks for dropping in, Mike. Glad to hear from you.

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