Monday, November 04, 2013

Nurturing Your Community

Elections are all about caring. Caring about your community and how it is administrated on your behalf. Tomorrow will be critical to that end.

Depending on where you live, either radical Liberals or radical Conservatives will control your area's  politics. This is because radicals are more motivated to vote than the average person.

Here in the Coeur d'Alene/Post Falls area recent years have found an influx of Constitutionalists and anti-government types that have claimed Republican labels so that they have a chance to win elections. During the recent school Board election in Coeur d'Alene, the public became aware of a right wing takeover by the so called Regan Republicans. I say so called, because I knew Ronald Reagan back in 1964 and 65 when he was preparing to run for California Governor. I had his daughter Maureen and then husband, Dave Sills over to my house for dinner. These pretenders would not have supported Reagan and he would not have supported their exclusionary activities either. The attempt to take over the school board failed as it should again in this election. I believe that with Widmyer as mayor and those others such as Kiki Miller and Amy Evans. If Amber Copeland were not running against McEvers, I would favor her. Perhaps she can oppose last election's mistake, Adams when he next is up for election. 

Many of these types are refugees from the John Birch Society, a very extreme group. Whether you favor the progress our two cities have made economically, more jobs, diversified economy, increased tourism and items like the Kroc Center, which was opposed by these RR types, the education corridor, a route to a full time four year campus, The beautiful park and pond at Riverstone, plus the shops and other infrastructure, or want to return to the bad old days of unemployment, lack of professional diversity, your vote is more vital tomorrow than perhaps at any time in the history of these two cities. Those that oppose government should not be elected to run it.

Vote which ever way you must, but please don't leave the decisions to others who may not think like you do. Participate in this landmark election. Be a part of your future.

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