Tuesday, November 12, 2013

New Sponsors Welcome

Now that the political season is behind us and the 2013 Diamond Cup is also, it is time to start planning for the 2014 Diamond Cup.

While last year's race had many problems all due to time constraints, instead of six weeks to raise funds to support the race this year, we have nine months. This doesn't mean we can sit back and relax though. Hydroplane races are very expensive. Between now and Labor Day week-end we need about 1 million in new funds, most of which will come from corporate sponsorships, but ticket sales will still be critical.

If we can arrange it in time, perhaps you can purchase tickets for stocking stuffers at Christmas.

Steps are being taken to tighten up security at the site, and those that strolled past security to watch the races free will no longer be able to do so. Some new ideas are being explored even as we speak regarding local sales outlets rather than just Tickets West.

Several personnel changes have taken place to firm up control of the event. One particular legitimate complaint was from people that paid big bucks to have their boat on the log boom only to see others tie up without paying. That will not happen anymore either. Boats roaring up to the log boom without regard to the wake left endangered the boats racing on the course. The half mile no wake zone will also be rigorously enforced with the assistance of the Kootenai County Sheriff Department.

We want this to be a fun filled adventure and a safe one for the drivers on the course. 2014 will be that way.

Anyone wanting to become a race sponsor can either e-mail me at:bayviewherb@gmail.com or go the the Diamond Cup website. If you e-mail me personally, I'll follow up myself. Questions about the race can also be sent to me.

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Les Bretthauer said...

Just received my program from the Diamond Cup from a friend that attended. I have to tell you, very impressive. The race was a hit with the existing hydro fans and maybe we can get some of the young generation as excited. Thanks for putting on the race.