Monday, September 02, 2013

Diamond Cup Aftermath

From the comments on Huckleberries and the Scott Maben story in the Spokesman-Review, it appears that more things went right than wrong. I was pleased that the perception was a good job well done. Considering this was a first try, I actually didn't think it would go that well. I suppose that springs from being on the inside where one sees all of the warts.

The area I worked on pretty much exclusively during the week leading up to the race was community relations, primarily with those homeowners and guests living on Lakeshore Drive or roads leading up the hill from it. I know there was a great anxiety from some of these folks as to the potential disruption it would cause them. We haven't heard from them yet, so I will still hold my breath as I was responsible for limiting their discomfort. A great deal of effort went into the attempt to see that residents and their guests were not inconvenienced any more than necessary.

If I have one recommendation for next year it would be to schedule the race the week prior to Labor Day, as their were much more group activities in the private home area than was anticipated. Hopefully, everyone got to where they were going without too much stress.

Also, our typical weather patterns have abrupt changes just before, just after or during the Labor Day weekend. This year, we missed a week filled with thunder storms and rain by one day. This year we needed all the time we could get. Next year it will luck not good planning.

From log boom reports it appears that people were willing to walk long distances to get where they wanted to sit. That also was a concern of mine, but with only one lane of traffic and that flagged as one-way, it was deemed to difficult to take the large buses into the course without  a decent turnaround place to get back out.

I regret that I wasn't there to witness the fruits of my and other's labor in the months preceding the race. Most of the confusion could not be helped. The period between financing being assured and the race was too short. Next year that shouldn't be an issue. I was ill most of the week-end, most likely from stress.


LoriK said...

I am a resident of Silver Beach Road,I want to thank you for the wonderful job you did during Diamond Cup 2013.I was witness to you working at the office a few times and know how hard you struggled to find answers for everyone affected by the races.I hope that you will return next year, and would like to offer my assistance helping you with my neighbors.You played an important role in the success of the weekend!I hope you are feeling better and I look forward to working with you in the future. Please know you are appreciated.
Lori Kaye Edinger-Gaboury

Bay Views said...

That you saw and appreciated my agony as I tried to lessen your inconvenience is just awesome. I stressed out not because you folks were tough on me but because I couldn't do more to help than I did. That you would take the time to recognize me is just extremely special. You leave me extremely humbled.

Bay Views said...

I neglected to say that I remember you, Lori Kaye. You came in twice, were pleasant both times. It was a pleasure working with you for a positive outcome. I just hope more of your neighbors feel the same.