Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tea Party Congress

This year is shaping up to be a radical change in the way Washington works. The "Tea Party," which is really undefined can safely be known for two things.

One is that they are right of the main Stream Republican Party. Two, and most important is that is was a spontaneous, grass roots uprising by amateur politicians and supported by many that up until the last election chose to stay uninvolved.

Now we as a nation are faced with the inevitable consequences of an out of control president, one that ignores the congress when he can and the Young Turks that were responsible for wresting the house from democratic control.

The primary issue is Obama Care. A program that even many of the original supporters are calling a train wreck. It simply wasn't planned out at all. The vote legalizing it in most cases wasn't scrutinized by committees or the Congressional oversight people. It was rushed to a vote by the democratic leadership fearful that if they waited until people understood all of it's ramifications, they wouldn't have passed it.

We could have easily controlled medical costs by merely passing tort control, limiting liability for the medical industry and radically reducing the class action leaches that pass themselves off as attorneys. 

Large sectors of our population cannot afford the premiums in an all inclusive plan. Those that live in poverty will have their premiums paid for by the federal government. (read more bureaucrats and departments.) As most thinking people realize, the government doesn't pay for anything. They take it from us and then dole it out in lock step with their socialist goals.

Back to the dilemma. If the president doesn't back down, and he won't, and the House of Representatives do not either, our government will shut down. Obama would love that because he is counting on us to blame the Republican Party for their intransigence rather than his bankrupt program.

One of two things are going to occur in the next election. Either the electorate will side with Obama and the hard line Republicans will be voted out of office ... Or, the grass roots that got them there will stay strong and send even more Tea Party types to Congress. This is a major turning point. Do we minimize the federal government back to manageable size or do we leap off the cliff as Lemmings. Time will tell.

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