Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Store No More

The weekend was an active one as in addition to the Farragut Reunion, the Bayview Mercantile closed it's doors. Citing the expense of hiring all of the help, the Bjergos were feeding a loss.

Both have well paying jobs with Scott operator of the Mail Boat and Jeannie a Registered Nurse. This left the store with a larger payroll than it would support. A Mom & Pop operation would fit well, but not if all the help was hired.

It has been more than 15 years since Bayview has been  without a convenience store. It will be sorely missed. Want a quart of milk or a half rack of beer? Drive eight miles to Athol, which has three. The winners will be the operators of the Little Town Market on highway 54.

Those elderly and unable to drive will not be able to shop with a golf cart anymore. This is a huge hit to the unincorporated town of Bayview.

The store is going back to the bank which will be looking for a buyer when they take possession, which could take most of the winter months. If it is still closed next summer, the cost to tourism will be high. Scott and Jeannie ran a good shop and will be missed.  Living in the apartment above the Mercantile are the Darnells, Clint and Jamie. They will have to move soon, as the power will be disconnected.


Anonymous said...

I thought the merchantile was owned by Chan?


Randall Brink said...

No, but he is the principal reason why the formerly delightful little lakeside hamlet is so far advanced into an inexorable decline.

Bay Views said...

Sorry Randall, but I can't leave that extreme generalization unchallenged.

Let me tell you what I think brought down Bayview. First, keep in mind you haven't lived here for a number of years.

The great recession brought the building trades to a standstill. Secondly, Bob Holland created most of the upheaval here.

Chan has done nothing other than pick up bankrupt marinas, keeping them in business. Other than that and possibly the ten year cessation of Kokanee fishing, which was the backbone of this town, I can't think of any other reason Bayview has declined.

Perhaps the closures of two businesses in Athol were his fault, too?

Perhaps you should keep those thought to yourself unless you are willing to flesh them out with facts.