Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ta' Ata Ori Sails no more

A hat tip to Paul Turner and Lawrence Killingsworth for this sad news. The Ta' Ata Ori, a 46 foot Sailing yacht is leaving Bayview for the salt chuck again. Killingsworth has sailed the Pend Oreille for the last eight years in the queen of Bayview, with the previous owner, a total of about 20 years.

In a former incarnation, Ta' sailed the South Pacific, Polynesia and the Orient. The boat will leave Bayview August 5, heading for Bremerton, Washington, where once again it will ride the ocean swells.

When asked, Lawrence couldn't define what he would do next, with a smaller boat a possibility, or, (gasp) even a power boat. The Bayview sailing fraternity will miss her. She sailed with a crew of five, many times including Spokesman-Review's Paul Turner of "Slice" fame. She will be missed.

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