Sunday, July 07, 2013

It's Over

Bayview Daze Parade Announcer and judges, L-R. Ralph Jones, Sheryl Puckett, Margaret Nelson and Sally Newcombe. (picture by Mike Lee)

As I sit here facing my computer this hour after midnight, it has become totally quiet. The hoards of guests that pack Bayview, left immediately after the fireworks, leaving a few pops and booms from people that still don't get it. You do not set off aerials in a marina. Oh well, I haven't heard the fire department yet so I guess we dodged the bullet once again.

I intercepted a Facebook announcement that a tent was found floating in Lake Pend Oreille floating along peacefully. If you have lost one, contact me and I will put you in contact with the finders. Also, as happens every year, someone left their doge outside during fireworks. It panicked and ran until exhausted. It appears to be a Shit-zu mix. If it is yours, call 683-2553.

As usual, Kevin and the cast of heroes at MacDonalds Resort put on a magnificent show. I hosted a couple from Boise who swore they had never seen a more impressive display. I consistently hear the same remarks, some declaring it is better than the Coeur d'Alene Resort fireworks.

There were a few complaints about food service at the Wheel. I explained that where we used to have two full service restaurants and one smaller one, due to some anti business elements helping out, a late request for a resort license for the Buttonhook was denied last year.

This town is simply not equipped to handle hundreds for food service  in one day. That one couple had to wait an hour for dinner, I explained they were extremely lucky that the overwhelmed crew at the Captain's Wheel got their meal out in that short a time. This was not bad service,, but inadequate facilities to handle the hoards that descend upon Bayview every year at this time.

Hopefully that state can be convinced that a resort license for the Buttonhook is deserved and in fact is necessary for the public good.  Hopefully the crews at the Wheel, Ralph's and the Bay CafĂ© will have recovered by Monday, when everyone used to close down for recuperative purposes.

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