Sunday, July 21, 2013

2013 Bayview Daze Revisited

I don't often write about myself or my family, but after this picture was taken of my newest 7 month old granddaughter, I just had to go there this time. Patience, the subject of this post is as that age does, constantly discovering new things.

I had the family, Son Brian, his wife Jennifer and three young ladies of theirs, Alice, Mercy and Irene over for the fireworks, which incidentally were possibly the best in the fantastic history of the MacDonald's Resort and their traditional show. It must have lasted an hour, at least.

During the afternoon, I brought out my five-string banjo for a little pickin'. Brian brought Patience over to watch. When I broke out with a lusty version of Foggy Mountain Breakdown, our little girl's mouth formed a surprised O. This is a picture I just had to share.

This year's festivities were probably the biggest, since the fourth fell on Thursday, many made a four day week-end out of it. I asked the manager of the Captain's Wheel how many dinners were served. Including lunches, they fed 600 people Saturday alone. If you had to wait for your food for a while longer that normal, now you know why. That breaks an all time record for the restaurant.

The unfortunate loss of the Button Hook put most of the load on the Wheel, with help from Ralph's and the Bay Café.

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