Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mike Lee Speaks

There is a story in Bayview that was not fully told in the newspaper. How a group of dedicated volunteers can save a small town from big money developers and high priced attorneys. How we the people can be served by our government if we become involved and care enough to demand justice.

Community action is often a thankless job (with no pay) of endless research, countless meetings, and the inevitable backlash from uninformed members of the community. Those who endure to success or failure are heroes and represent democracy at its best.

The Developmental Analysis Committee (DAC) of the Bayview Chamber of Commerce has labored beyond the call of duty to preserve and protect Bayview, Lake Pend Oreille and our way of life. They deserve our gratitude and respect, but the work is only beginning.

If you love North Idaho, let it show, take action!

Mike Lee
Bayview Idaho

This E-Mail was received this Morning. I felt it was profound enough let Mike tell it in his own words. Thanks Mike ...

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