Saturday, May 12, 2007

Encroachment, Again!

This is the site where retaining walls allegedly encroach on down to the low water mark. It also is the scene of the now infamous Kokanee Massacre. Today, the Sun shines down on dead fish floating around waiting for Seagulls to pounce. Diving birds are having a field day.

All work has stopped on the Marina as ordered by the Idaho Department of lands. One wonders that if, instead of modifying or repairing the old existing docks,tearing them completely out may have voided any Grandfathered right to recover what is now open lake. These leases must be terminated. Holland should not be able to bully, buy or threaten his way to his version of a new Bayview.

One also wonders how the above pictured float home owners will access the homes when the water rises to Summer levels. The Idaho Department of Lands should not allow any further work on the Marina until Waterford Park Homes, LLC tears out the illegal retaining wall and restores the shoreline to its natural state, or at least rebuilds the wall back where it belongs.

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Bill McCrory said...


As sad as it is to see Holland damaging the lake the way he is, the residents of Idaho need to look in the mirror to see Holland's co-conspirators. Idaho spurns any meaningful regulatory legislation that has been bolstered with enforcement. Idaho legislators are very good at passing sounds-good/feels-good laws and then failing to fund their enforcement. DEQ and IDoL are two very good examples of toothless pussycats. But as dopey as our legislators are, we're the ones who elect them.