Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Recently, an E-Mail from Waterford Park Homes to the Float Home owners asked the Float Home People to petition the State Land Board for permission to continue work on the walkways, so that the residents wouldn't be further inconvenienced. Some recipients felt a veiled threat was left dangling regarding what if any efforts on the part of the Marina Owner's would be made to maintain uninterrupted access. It turns out that management doesn't seem to think a similar petition from the Corporation would be welcome.

Today's Spokesman-Review revealed that two of the most recent additions to the Land Board thought free market is the way to go regarding rents charged to Float Home Owners. Unfortunately, the 1998 ruling by this same Board, prohibiting any additional float home construction, eliminated the free market from the equation. Free market is all fine and usually good excepting when paired with a monopoly, in this case, State ordered. This residents, some of them for well over 20 years, don't have access to the free market. Why should then Marina owners have that right.

One of the usual problems with Ideologues of either the right or the left, is that instead of applying logic, they use knee jerk reactions instead.

A last thought...Holland, typically blames employees when his plans are questioned. In the three years he has conducted business in Bayview, he has continuously ran roughshod over the "Local Yokels", trying to supplant them with a wealthier clientele. The streets of Bayview are littered with the bodies of former employees. Three General Managers in three years, all that made this poor misunderstood philanthropist suffer through their sins. The latest firing, which may or may not have coincided with the current scandal, is just another, oops, I've been caught again. Off with my employee's head.

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