Friday, May 25, 2007

Bending Over Backward

Yesterday, I deleted a post that I wrote for the first time, ever. I deleted it because I got a call from Steve Wetzel, attorney for Waterford Park Homes, LLC. He objected to my reference to the inviting of the Coeur d'Alene Press to a meeting they held. His words, paraphrased, were that no press was present at that meeting.

I accepted the fact that as a respected attorney, he wouldn't lie to me, and I am sure he didn't. What tripped me up was having not read the Press article until today.It became obvious that in some intimate way, the Press Reporter had special access to the principals right after the meeting, if not during. The spirit, it seems, if not the letter, of what I wrote is alive and well.

Still, I am satisfied that I did the right thing. If there is any doubt that my facts are wrong, I will again do what I did, although I have gained an appreciation for those media editors that require more than one source for publication.

A late Morning message from a representative of the Idaho Department of Lands, suggests that the Press article was highly inaccurate and had inferred quotes that weren't his words at all.

An unfortunate side effect of this whole thing, is that because I wouldn't reveal my source, an executive in the Waterford Park organization has announced their intention of conducting what I would call a Witch Hunt for the person they think had loose lips. Apparently, telling what was about to become public knowledge anyway through a controlled or at least manipulated Media Source, was considered disloyal.

Why Wetzel, then Waterford Park Manager, Tina Arendt were upset to the extent they were, since the crux of the post by me was essentially, if not literally, correct, is puzzling. Perhaps shining a light on these things makes some scurry for the shadows.

It grows curiouser and curiouser ...

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