Thursday, May 10, 2007

Child Abuse

I have followed, avidly the articles on child abuse, but today I found a case much closer to home. I ran across a kinda Cute Grandma this afternoon. She had her two younguns along. Wait! let me digress! I have diligently read the blog written by my friend, Tayrn Broadwater, entitled broadh2o.

In these blogs, I have been led to believe that these children of hers are malefactors of the first degree. Children that are incorrigible. A young man and young woman in their early growing stages. I believed this tripe. I even went with the Chocolate Cake Caper as proof.

Today, I learned different. Two innocent young Angels that denied everything they were accused of. It turns out that the real perp was Grandma. Not the one I met today. Grandma set a perfectly good chocolate cake in front of the aforementioned Angel, expecting her to ignore same, while coloring in a book. This was an obvious case of entrapment and the accused deserves a new trial.

I met the offensive duo today. One was a fine young man called Boo. The much maligned young lady? Her name is Goo ... I was honored! Oh, one more thing. I have discovered that Goo is a flagrant flirt. Got it from her Mom, obviously ...

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Mommy Dearest said...

Glad you got to meet The Urchins. They had a grand time in Bayview and managed to stay out of any bar fights. The Goo wasn't actually in trouble for digging into the cake. I probably would have done the same. I know I would have done the same. Have a good weekend.