Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Bad

From time to time, when throwing spears at the bad guys, one gets thrown inaccurately. Such was the case yesterday. A person that I felt would know, mentioned a meeting between Holland, Fish & Game and the Dept. of Lands. That person also told me that the Coeur d'Alene Press was present. They weren't. I jumped to conclusions and wrote an unfair post. For that I apologize.

I received a call today from Steve Wetzel, attorney for Bob Holland. Before anyone jumps to conclusions, it was a very polite respectful talk. Steve felt that I had written this inaccurately. I had. A meeting did take place and did include the authorities mentioned. The inaccuracy was that the Press was present when they weren't.

One would like to think that mistakes are never made, but they are. It is especially bad when attacking the character of one's target. The man is guilty of many things. He wasn't in this case.

It turns out that, based on the Press' article this Morning, that while Wetzel said they weren't there, that they were visited with by at least some of the principles after the fact. Favoritism is not, of course against any law, still, planting news when you think the other paper might be rougher on you is suspect behavior on someone's part.

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