Sunday, May 13, 2007

Guest Editorial

Idaho is known for it's plentiful wildlife and pristine forests and beautiful lakes and streams, especially here in Northern Idaho. Now, with the county allowing the over building on the South shore of Coeur d'Alene Lake, Rathdrum Prairie and possibly here.
We know what happens to wild life when they get pushed out of their normal habitat.
How many of the long term residents do you think will survive Holland's and now Chan's big plans to build condos? How many folks have we already lost to Holland's money making scheme?

How will the confined aspect of Bayview handle all that expansion?
Where will all the middle income folks go when the fat cats move in?
How well do folks from California protect the environment? We worry about losing the Kokanee here in the lake, as we should, and how that will change this lake as we know it forever.

It ends up that we are on the same endangered species list that Kokanee are on.
Bayview, as all the other areas mentioned previously will be gone and changed as we know it forever. The real Idahoans will become extinct just like the Kokanee.
The deer used to hole up in the now cleared area right below Moonbeam, CT.
That's just a very small example of what's yet to come if our county leaders don't get the picture. Hayden has already gone from rural to semi rural.
I don't know if that helps.

After writing the E-mail to *** that I forwarded to you, I thought, HELL, we are in the same spot the Kokanee are in.

Dennis Damon

Herb's comment: Dennis, you are right on. One correction re: Californians and the environment. Most of California doesn't have an environment to protect. That being the case, as well as newcomers from other large urban areas, don't have any experience with living in tune with ones surroundings, unless, that is, they are sidewalks and high-rises.

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