Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Runaway Development

The last couple of years have seen unprecedented growth in our region. That's to be expected. We have the climate and the room to grow. What is disturbing, however, is the wealthy developers that have moved in to our area, not to be a part of us, but to build luxury developments for the rich to move in and supplant us.

With Black Rock, Rickel Ranch, and others, the development is for wealthy folks from elsewhere to move in and take our place. No law, of course is against that...Still, a way of life is coming to an end.

Here in Bayview, Bob Holland, of Waterford Park Homes,LLC, has not only moved in with the purpose of developing here, he has what could be construed as a monopoly. Vista Bay Marina, bought by Holland...Being broken up into purchased lots and boat slips.

Bayview Marina, bought by Holland for the purpose of breaking it up for individual condominium and moorage ownership...

Boileau's Marina and restaurant, bought by Holland for the purpose of breaking it up for individual ownership and condominiums...

Scenic Bay Motel, bought by Holland, purportedly with the plan for high rise condos.

Bayview Trailer Park. Long a large part of our town, Holland bought it. Will it stay a trailer park? Or will they, like others Holland bought, be ordered to leave. This more serious than some of the other transactions, because most, if not all of the mobile homes there are older than 1976, when the building codes were changed. The significance of that is that the State won't allow them to be moved, rendering them worthless.

McDonald's Marina, Scenic Bay-J.D.'s, and Bitter end are the only resorts not owned by Holland. It is alledged that Waterford Park Homes has developed retirement communities in Arizona for the wealthy, then pulled up stakes for new adventures.

What will be left behind in Bayview, when he next takes a hike. More importantly, who will be left in Bayview. It appears that what will take place is a gigantic people transplant. Wealthy in...The rest, well, find another place to live. After all, we are just "local yokels."

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stebbijo said...

I am sickened when we drive through Bayview -- it is losing all it's local charm. It is no longer a secret - it has obviously been discovered. I don't see how any of the local yokels can afford to live there -- fastly becoming a little seasonal nook in the woods for the wealthy and a new homeless community for those without a choice. Sad.