Sunday, April 02, 2006

Illegal Immigration

This really isn't about illegal immigration, it's about the attitude about it. Recent large demonstrations have taken place where apparent Mexicans have massed in protest about restricting others from entering this Country illegally.

Large crowds of people that haven't learned our language, wave the flag of another country, protesting that they as Americans don't like our attitude. Immigrants, legal or not, that don't bother to assimilate, as others have throughout our country's history. They don't want to be a part of us. It's our money only that these people aspire to.

By waving the flag of another country, they loudly proclaim their loyalty to their previous home, not this Country. Why should we coddle them, educate their children,grant citizenship to their offspring?

Back to the attitude thing. Friday in Colorado, students at Skyline High School in Longmont, were banned from waving the American flag because it upset the Hispanic demonstrators that were waving foreign flags. Keeping them separate would have been enough. The ivory tower Wackos that can't let patriotism be demonstrated explain much of the lack thereof by our young people.

I just can't believe that in this country, people are being punished for flag waving. Not the Mexican flag...Just ours.

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Mrs. Mac said...

I'm right behind you in your views on ILLEGAL immigration. Today I called the GOODWILL charity organization to make a donation. The lady that answered the phone did so in Spanish! I had to ask if this was the GOODWILL organization ... then she switched over to using English. I was so ticked off I skipped making the donation.