Thursday, March 30, 2006

Never say Never

I have never been lucky at games of chance, raffles, drawings and such. All my life, I have dutifully bought the tickets, after all, they are a donation. Here in Bayview, where I have resided for the past eleven years, we have a Chamber of Commerce. Unlike most Chambers, it's more a combination Community Club/Chamber, where people from all parts of the community get involved.

For all of those eleven years, I have bought the semi-annual raffle tickets. $20.00 per ticket, twice a year. That adds up to over four hundred dollars. My ship never came in. Wednesday night, at the annual Mexican dinner/fund raiser at the Captain's Wheel, which donated the kitchen for the night, a drawing for one of those big gas grills took place.

You know, one of those grills that does everything but call you for dinner? Bells and whistles galore. The drawing took place as I was washing pots and pans back in the kitchen. (Someone found out I knew how to operate the dishwasher)

In the distance I heard the sound of a ships bell. A foghorn sounded. My ship had come in. I won. Now I have to figure out how a hermit uses a gas grill. Could it be that I'll have to rejoin society?


jb3ll3 said...

HEY! Fire that beauty up! We are all coming for dinner.

Word Tosser said...

heck yea, this summer we will all have burgers at Herb's... everyone bring their own food, he will cook. lol

Bay Views said...

Bring it on!

Patches & Mittens said...

Our Mom won a car once, but she took $10,000!!! It was a drawing in a casino in Las Vegas (she doesn't gamble) She put her ticket in this drum and they spun it round and round and drew her number!! It was a Saturn, but she didn't want the car, so took the money......AND RAN!!!