Thursday, March 16, 2006


The news that our local Idaho State legislator, and his opponent have been separated by the issue that, one, if you are a teacher, and a union activist, you shouldn't dare attack the person that controls your budget, just doesn't sit right with me.

First, I despise intimidation in any form. If all Goedde has going for him is "if you lose, your children will suffer", then I despise him, and the horse he rode in on. I don't know who Goedde is running against in the final analysis, but trust me, I'm now looking.

I am a Republican, and moderately right of center. I don't much like the sound of this, the first campaign blast. I am not an admirer of the teacher's union.

When I went to school the profession, and yes it was a profession, was pretty much a place where caring adults educated for that purpose,could go to teach the philosophy of learning, to somewhat eager minds.

It would seem that as union activity has worked it's way into education, the caring for students has been eclipsed by the self serving unionism of the teachers. First, these teachers have never experienced life outside of academia. Graduate High School, College, then back to the class room, from whence they have never left.

While I truly believe, that we should respect our teachers, as least as much as our welders, I have a problem with the ardent unionism that they portray. This, I feel is a position that has conflict of interest written all over it.

Recently, we have seen examples of this attitude, where teachers face students that they have fought for mutual trust facing the same students in picket lines.

It would seem to me that if an occupation wishes to be known as a profession, they should act like professionals.

Having said this. I will be delighted if a candidate other than a union activist, runs against Goedde. I might even vote Democrat on this issue. I don't like arrogant people. I especially don't like arrogant people that we have hired to do the work of legislating for us.

I don't think a teacher that is active in his or her position as an educator/union activist is an appropriate representative of the people. Neither do I think that the self-important oaf that currently holds office, should be retained.

Perhaps we, the people, should re-examine where we are as political people. Idaho is becoming a one party state, as is our neighbor, Washington, albeit with different parties in control. Balance is very necessary to maintain the middle ground, where most of us reside.

This is my opinion...

I am Herb Huseland...


Sue said...

"Balance is very necessary to maintain the middle ground, where most of us reside." I totally agree, and appreciate that thought. Sometimes we get too caught up in left/right, and forget right/wrong.

Word Tosser said...

I agree with you both 100%....

But this man? maybe he should learn from the Abe Lincoln saying.. One should keep their mouth shut, and thought a fool....
than open one's mouth and remove all doubt.

Now all of us are going to be looking at the other side.