Monday, March 27, 2006

Bacon, Anyone?

They have finally done it. With all of the genetic engineering going on, one would suppose that some of this scientific talent could be put to good use, but no...

Scientists have grafted the DNA of an earthworm to a pig. I bet you all just can't wait to tie into THAT bacon. Picture it, now...Hashbrowns, eggs cooked to order, toast just right, and a rasher of worms.

We have just witnessed the age old competition between marketing and engineering. Apparently, this gene transplant is supposed to turn the pork fat into that resembling fish oils, which are alledged to be good for you.

So now, we will have fishy tasting bacon that is made from worms. I can't wait for the advertising campaign to break out. Sheesh!

Picture this now. Big Daddy Boar sidles up to Momma pig with romance on his mind. "Hey, baby, how about a little lovin'." Momma pig looks up, sneers, and says, "get away from me, you Worm."


Word Tosser said...

UGH, Herb... you just put an image in my mind that I don't want... I love bacon... one of my last good things I still eat. And now, I won't be able to look at bacon with out thinking about your article. aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

stebbijo said...

Yuk! I will never look at a worm the same ever again.