Monday, April 17, 2006

Tasers Revisited

The recent death of Otto Zehm, an alledgedly developmentally disabled man points once again, not to the Police Officers, but the methods used.

Many people are screaming, "Police brutality." In most of these cases, I don't believe that the officers set out to do great harm to the people that are being subdued. A few years ago, pepper spray mixed with tear gas was used. Now we have tasers, which have been connected to many such unintended deaths.

Originally, the thought was to not have to use lethal force, such as a gun to apprehend a suspect. A noble thought, but perhaps the used of Tasers needs to be tested out by an agency other than the manufacturer, which continues in denial.

Otto might have been a peace loving young man, but something triggered aggression. The police in Spokane, Washington aren't known for abusive behavior, but when approaching a stranger they know nothing about, caution is the rule.

That a very high voltage shock can cause a heart attack is a no-brainer. Lets investigate the manufacturer, not the user.

The police don't want to hurt the suspect, but they also have to fear harm to other innocents, and themselves. I blame the instrument, not the operators.

Since I originally posted this, I read this morning in the Spokesman-Review, that 150 people have died from taser use. Last week, Police trying to keep an escaped cow off the freeway, tasered this 1200 pound animal to death. If they can kill a cow, people are Duh!! Also in danger.

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Word Tosser said...

I wonder...... has the manufactor, or the inventor ever been tasered? Several times at once? Be interesting to have them show us a demostration of the use of the taser by letting two officers use it on them. Just a thought...