Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Immigration Revisited

Back in the early years of this Country, we created a motto that went something like this. "Give us your poor, your starving, your huddled masses". In perspective, what we were doing was asking for settlers for the vast Western United States, which had been purchased by Thomas Jefferson, the Louisiana Purchase.

We no longer have those needs, or that much in the way of usable wide open spaces. While I believe that this country, like most, should have modest immigration, control of our borders is paramount. For every hundred poor Mexicans just looking for work, there could very easily be ten terrorists, carrying not clothes and water, but vile weapons of mass destruction. There exists in our own inventory, "backpack nukes." A weapon that is small and light enough to be carried by one man.

Biological weapons are even easier to conceal, and to spread.

The issue of exclusion or not is only one aspect of the problem. We must be able to control our borders. Building a wall is not that bad, as long as we remember to install gates. We do that here all of the time. If we have an installation that is subject to trespass, we build fences with razor wire on top, and that is within the Country. Can we do less at our border?

Many other Counties, such as Great Britain, do not automatically grant citizenship to those born there, if the parents are not legal permanent residents. We should explore that option. Pregnant Mothers that cross our borders an a day visit, just to birth here are a major problem. How do you keep the Mother of a citizen out of the Country?

Mexico has had within it's power, to control migration through universal education, and job training. Eternal poverty is the cause of illegal immigration, and education is the escape. Perhaps building a wall, AND some foreign aid directed specifically toward education is the answer.

Pardoning illegals that sneak across the border is not even close to an answer. That false promise, bandied about in the press has accelerated the masses that want to get here before the amnesty.

As we start to draw down from Iraq, it might be useful to stage training maneuvers along our southern border, rather than having troops go back into garrison, to begin training in the art of painting rocks.

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