Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Once again I feel the need to rant about both Federal & State Fish & Game MIS-management.

A while back I commented about the regional director of the U.S. Fish & Game Department, when he was Quoted as saying about Wolves, "You can call them anything you want, but don't call them predators."

This week, we find the State of Idaho and Feds negotiating on how many Wolves to kill, so as not to loose the herds of Deer and Elk in the Clearwater basin. An ongoing argument as to the future of Mountain caribou in Idaho blames snowmobilers for their demise, ignoring that hunting laws restrict the killing of Cougars, and prohibit the killing of Grizzlies and Wolves.

It seems that these political knuckleheads didn't know why their numbers were reduced in the first place. Herds of grazing animals, such as Elk, Moose, caribou, deer, cows, horses, sheep, goats, well, you get the picture, are no match for any of these Predators. There! I used the forbidden word.

Our ecological extremists want us to stop cutting trees down. Not slow down, but completely stop all harvest of what is a renewable resource. With little or no thought, we have turned our government over to nut cakes that want to stop civilization, and return it to the pristine shape it was in at the beginning of time...

But what about us? Are we next going to see forcible population control or elimination from these people? How long is it going to take before some extremist nut decides to poison our water supplies, or worse.

We need to take back our government and allow our elected officials and those that are appointed under them, run our country, instead of allowing nuisance law suits to freeze all activity these unelected self appointed jerks have assumed with no authority but court injunctions that are overturned, but too late to help, as is with the harvesting of burned trees while they still have value.

We are in the position of having to cut live trees to replace those that are already dead. If that isn't proof of the total lack of common sense, tell me what is...

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