Thursday, April 13, 2006


For years, I have tried without success to define the word "Friend." We all know people that we like, and those that we don't. Sometimes it's easier to eliminate those that we don't like.

But what about the ones that we do like. Are the helpful bloggers that we interact with friends? Or just friendly acquaintances. How about those people that you run in to at the local watering hole. You know, the ones that you enjoy, but don't visit in their homes, or hang out with them.

Is a friend only someone you would make a great effort to help if they were in trouble? Is a friend a person that you have known for years and stay in touch with?

What is a friend?


brentandrews said...

A friend is someone you'd fight a big guy for. Tonight at Concrete Wave Country my friend Eric fought this pretty burly guy over nothing - they were arguing over the relative coolness of skateboarding versus roller-blading, when violence erupted - and though it was pretty stupid when I saw them tangle and go to the ground I stopped skating the bowl for a minute and went over there. The burly roller-blader had another burly friend and I was going to make sure the second burly fellow didn't "jump in." As it turned out the combatants wrestled themselves to exhaustion and broke apart on their own without anyone jumping in. But I was there for Eric if he needed me, even if it meant getting beat up in a fight (a fight! I'm an adult! A parent! We were ALL adults! Imagine!). Anyway that's a friend - someone you'd fight a burly guy for even if you don't want to.

stebbijo said...

A good listener - unconditional judgement and unwaivering support!

Toni said...

Stebbijo is right! I couldn't say it better. Happy Easter, Herb!!

Word Tosser said...

A friend is someone who is there thru thick and thin. And stands by you even if they think you are wrong. And can be silent with you, without feeling hurt. And cry with you, when things aren't good, with their arm around you. And some one who you know for millions of years, but you haven't seen them in 10 and start the conversation like you never left. Some one who still keeps your secrets even though they are mad at you for a while. That is the beginning of who a friend is. And usually, you can count on one hand a really true friend.