Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Week In Review

A whole bunch of stuff went down last week. Bridget Cripe saving the life of a 2 1/2 year old, that if left alone much longer, would have met darkness and probable death by hypothermia. The child had wandered from the end of Bunco road to the middle of Twete road, at least two miles and probably with winding around obstacles, more like three. That was rough country for an adult to hike, not just a toddler. good thing he was North Idaho bred and raised. We grow 'em tough around here. Cooper Irwin is and will be the measure that we will grade other small children in our area. Not only Bridget is a heroine, but Cooper hung in there until help arrived, to also be a hero in his own survival.

Then there are the Annuals. A loose group of party animals that congregate at the captain's wheel, having done so for the 26th year. When I use the term loose, it has more than the usual meaning. They started arriving Thursday afternoon. Leaving Sunday, only the bar employees are aware of all the hijinks, since your faithful reporter seeks bed before the real action starts. Still, we had a great time. The weather warmed up for an excellent Saturday out doors at the lawn party area east of the restaurant. As usual, Bayview is never quite the same when they leave. One unfortunate, a second generation Annual, failed to meter his alcohol intake, leaving hisself open to some rather imaginative drawings with a marking pen. further description is out of the question, since there might be civilized folks reading this.

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