Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Annuals Strike Again

Tis that time of year again. When the daffodils bloom, Summer is but a dream and the annuals hit town. A tradition born 26 years ago by a small group of men, some even before they settled down into marriage and families. As the years went by, it became a tradition that the week-end before Memorial Day, they gather at the Captain's wheel Restaurant for a week-end of revelry. Since they have branched out into golf tournaments and other more mature stuff.

As the years went by, the group morphed into a larger bunch. This year, formal invites didn't get mailed out, but that didn't stop the core group. These days, the sons of the originators are attending too. We have no information on what the wives do during this four day event and we are looking for a snitch that will inform on them. Currently, the guys are scarfing down dinner and heading into what always turns out to be a week-end to remember.

The weather isn't great today, but by Saturday, Summer is expected to break out, at least temporarily. The tomatoes are going out regardless. Bayview always welcomes the annuals. They are a great bunch of guys and some of them are real characters. For those annuals that were waiting for formal invites, hey, there here, come join them. Above, is a picture of the annuals holding forth on a much warmer day, last year. Lacy, a bartender last year, entertains the guys, and Wow! Is she entertaining, or what!

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