Thursday, May 07, 2009

Blogs Carry World Wide Consequenses

The Internet, while opening up the entire world to opinion, news, and human interest stories, also carry unintended consequences. Most Bloggers actually carry more international readers than do U.S. Newspapers, primarily due to the unavailability of the latter.

I sometimes wonder who is reading my blog. I have a site counter that you can find at the bottom of the Bayviews page. click on that and you can read the numbers, as well as tell where the hits come from. I hadn't done that for a few months, but today I did.

In addition to getting hits from every state in the union, I received in the last 100 visits, hits from Korea, Denmark, China, and two from the United Kingdom. I average, not counting week-ends which are reader poor, about 88 visits per day and about 95 to 100 page views. I also have readers from Germany, Poland, Serbia, Australia, New Zealand, France, Russia and many other smaller countries.

Our little corner of the blogisphere is seen in many more places than one would imagine. While folks argue over political points that aren't going to change any minds, the world is watching and listening. Many in other countries believe the crap that is exhibited on these pages, represent Majority Middle America, and may even create the thought that the government has lost control, and the people are about to revolt. Remember, we are a window to the world, not just to North/south Idaho plus Spokane. Other countries that do not have democracy, which counts rather high, may read the signals all wrong. In many countries, arguing with the countries leaders is a fast way to imprisonment. Just a thought from an old goat.

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