Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Captain's Wheel Robbed

Late Sunday night or early Monday morning, the Captain's Wheel was burglarized. According to manager, Marie Streater, around $1000 was stolen. The day till, night till and one for the next morning were in a locked room, not a safe. It is anticipated that a more secure place will be found to store money in transit.

In other news, the Patio at Boileau's is up and running, sort of. Scott & Jeanne Bjerge, the 2009 operators expect the bar to be fully functional by this week-end, with perhaps another week until the kitchen is full restored. The hold up in the kitchen is back orders on equipment have held them up. At any rate, Memorial Day week-end will find the Patio fully functional, since the Icon was torched back on March 20.Just 64 days have gone by since it was destroyed, with the first week bound up in permitting followed by the destruction and hauling away of the remnants of the once proud little building.

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