Saturday, May 02, 2009

Lakeview ATV Accident

At 12:20 PM on Saturday, May 2, 2009, the Timberlake Fire Protection District responded to an ATV accident on Lakeview Road near the Forest Service 278 road intersection. The ATV operator went off a steep embankment and landed approximately 100 feet below against a tree. Bystanders on scene provided patient care until emergency responders arrived. Timberlake Fire personnel were in cell phone contact with the scene to provide patient care instructions. The patient was not wearing a helmet - we encourage all ATV operators to wear a helmet and other protective equipment.

We responded by land, sea, and air. Timberlake Ambulance EMS 61, Chief 601, and Lieutenant 612 responded from the Bunco Trailhead across the recently plowed forest service roads. Medstar was launched and landed 1/4 mile from the patient. Timberlake Fire Boat 695 responded from Bayview with a paramedic from Northern Lakes. Other ATV operators provided transportation for responders from the boat and helicopter. All responders arrived within about 10 minutes of each other at approximately 1:30 PM. The patient was loaded into EMS 61 and transported to Medstar who then transported the patient to Kootenai Medical Center.
Story and photos courtesy of Timberlake Fire District, Jack Krill, Chief.

Late information has the victim as a woman without life threatening injuries. ... This time. Attention might be paid to the issue of helmets, as she wasn't wearing one. I wouldn't want to meet up with a tree at full speed without one. The next time might be a fatality.

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