Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thieves & Other Scumbags

Below the surface of this beautiful community, lies an underworld of Meth addicts and other lesser human beings. Many of these people cannot support their habits with legitimate jobs, so they take from others that have earned their possessions.

Such was the case either late Monday night, or very early, Tuesday morning. A young teen owned a 13 foot trampoline that was set up in her back yard. Thieves slithered into the yard and lifted the whole thing out, intact and made off with it. I want that property to be returned now! It would seem to be somewhat difficult to hide a trampoline for very long. Please keep your eye out for a neighbor or someone you know that suddenly acquired one in the last few days. Anonymous tips can either be e-mailed to me, left as a comment on this blog, or phoned to me at 683-9107.

If the person who did this regrets the act, just tip me as to where I might find it, and we'll call it square. If someone knows who did it, please give me the address where it can be found.

On the subject of scumbags, it appears that a boat sunk at it's moorage at the Captain's Wheel last night, was sabotaged. The sunken boat was discovered around 10:00 am by restaurant personnel. According to knowledgeable accounts, the drain plug was removed, and the bilge pump disabled by taping it so that it couldn't operate.

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MarmiteToasty said...

Goodness, surely someone must know where this is...... I cant imagine no one seeing them walk down the road with it, even if it was late at night..... and they couldnt of taken it far....

rotten gits...