Monday, April 04, 2005


Today I want to talk about relationships, and how they affect a small town. Tim Jones just wrote me saying,"Ideas are more important than work".

I agree...Having said that, I believe that good people can disagree on a single issue, and still remain good people.

A very emotional issue has overtaken Bayview. The controversy over Fish & Game building a huge rifle, shotgun, pistol range in Farragut State Park, has pitted Friend vs. Friend and Neighbor against Neighbor. To paraphrase Tim,and my own opinion, "issues are important, but friendships are forever".

I have watched relationships deteriorate to shouting matches, and long time friends that are not speaking to each other. Some opponents of the range, have started a campaign to enlist special interests people to join the local chamber, so that they can outnumber the present members, and "throw out those that disagree with their position on the gun range.

That kind of enthusiasm is more accurately called radical behavior. To want to suddenly become active in the community, is a good thing. To want to be active for the aforementioned reasons, is very base behavior.

Please remember, that win, lose or draw on the gun range, we'll still be here, and will have to be able to live with each other. Please, people, take a step back and examine your motives and your behavior...

Herb Huseland
Bayview, Idaho


Anonymous said...

Step[ up and be counted, my friend...

jeanne said...

Very well said, and nice to have you back Herb.
I never realized that the Bayview Chamber of Commerce represents the residents of Bayview within a six mile radius of the Bayview Post Office. I thought, like most of us that the Chamber was for the local businesses. I'm grateful to have the chamber for much needed representation of Bayview to the outside world. I certainly joined and many of my neighbors have joined. Everyone in the six mile radius should be a member of the chamber for it is really our town hall. I don't understand why the chamber allows people and businesses outside the six mile radius to be a member and have a say in issues concerning Bayview. I don't want someone from the outside making decisions on our behalf. I think the Chamber should only allow residents and businesses within their representation area to be members. If all the locals support the Chamber, maybe the Chamber could afford to make such a resolution.
Farragut Park is Bayview's backyard.

Cathy said...

Just curious, but is this the same Tim Jones that grew up in Moses Lake? Architect turned Spanish teacher?

cdadave said...

Sometimes the hardest people to be around are those who "BELIEVE", if you get my drift. They are so obsessive on their goals that they stomp all over everyone else's feelings. At what price, victory?

Anyway, good to see you writing. Just thot I'd pop in and say, "I noticed ya". And, maybe if that shooting range does get constructed, maybe you can pass a law, that they all use SILENCERS and BLANKS.

That would kinda take the 'teeth' outta the issue, wouldn't it?