Friday, April 08, 2005

Moral dilemma

Post Falls police, accompanied by State liquor control board officers, and State Lottery people, busted the bars and private clubs in Post Falls Thursday for possessing gambling machines. Duh! They have had these machines under a tolerance policy that has existed for more than thirty years.

A moral issue? No way! It was, according to State Lottery officials, a competitive issue. "It is costing us millions per year, said this officious official".

Apparently, gambling is O.K. only if it's run by the state. I personally don't like the machines, but question the justification for the heavey handed use of the law to kill competition.

Herb Huseland

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stebbijo said...

Herb --

You and I see eye to eye on some issues. I posted my B.S. on the gaming situation here.
Gaming machines have sqatter's rights

P.S.Thats too bad about all the sacrifices you have to make -- it's a rough world.