Saturday, April 02, 2011

Springtime ... I Think

It is officially Spring. Unofficially, it's not. Today we had Thunderstorms, snow, hail, rain. Basically everything but famine and pestilence. Those that are still down south should stay there for a while.

Some signs of spring are here though. Both restaurants, the Buttonhook and Captain's Wheel are gearing up for opening, at least on a limited basis. It now appears, due to the projected delays in obtaining a liquor licence, that the 'Wheel will not open until Mid-May. Hopefully, the 'hook will open in the next two weeks, but don't bet on it.

Some activities in the marinas indicate that boat and float home owners are stirring. Some fishing activities are evident also.

As a follow up to the story about the woman that is having paralytic -problems, it turns out the old chicken and the egg syndrome is still alive and healthy. Dorothy Carpenter, long time Bayview resident and a veteran food service worker, can't walk.
A gradually loss of feeling in one then both legs have reduced her to being essentially home bound. Even the Dirne Clinic won't help without a diagnosis. Therein lies the problem. That would entail an MRI which I'm told would cost in the area of $3000. A fund raiser is in the works with donation cans about and an auction to be held at JD's, in Bayview. More on these activities later. I can't remember a year here with as many health issues and fund raisers.

In other local news, I attended the "hat" party Tuesday at the Bay Cafe. (I won a prized jar of gourmet pickles by Judy and her daughter.) It turns out they have a thriving business, producing a surprising amount of product. One puzzling thing though, was the electric space heater in the dining room. Asked why it was somewhat chilly, I was informed that the owner apparently failed to pay the gas bill, causing the service to be discontinued. Obviously the failed economy has reached the business community.


Anonymous said...

"Even the Dirne Clinic won't help without a diagnosis."

That sounds like a bunch of BS.

The Dirne Clinic would help and if they need a diagnosis, they would help her get one.
When did she go to the Dirne Clinic and who did she speak with?

She needs to go back there.

Bay Views said...

The above comment comes from someone very close to the Dirne Clinic, I'm guessing. If so I would appreciate a phone call from that person or anyone else with the knowledge of how to find help for Dorothy. 208-683-9107

Bay Views said...

I have people double checking on the Dirne situation. In the mean time, if you know what to do or where to go with this situation please comment or phone me.

Ric said...

who is opening up the Captians Wheel ??

Bay Views said...

The new owner of the Captain's Wheel is Pat McIntyre, owner of Ichabod's in Spokane.

Anonymous said...

Great to see you there last night. Maybe the jar of pickles should have gone to the owner of The Cafe', oh that probably should be sour grapes!

Great evening for all there and fun too!