Sunday, April 24, 2011

Unfortunate Situations

A reminder that the benefit auction for Dorothy Carpenter will be held at J.D.'s Resort Saturday, April 30. Details are on my former post on this blog.

I have another situation that needs attention. A young couple, he, out of work, she 6months pregnant, live in a rural area here in North Idaho. Their only cooking facility is a hot plate, but that's not the real problem. Their car broke down and they have no money to replace it. I know that someone reading this blog, or that knows somebody that has an old beater that still runs, would want to donate it.

Should a medical emergency arise, re: the pregnancy, there is no way to get to a hospital, or even to the food bank for food. Please, if you have a car that you don't need, e-mail me or phone at 208-683-9107.


***Update on Inattentive driving charge. See post from 4/22

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Bay Views said...

I did received one comment on this subject, but it was so thoughtless and even warped that I didn't publish it. Guess what? It was sent anonymously. If a person wants to make an ass out of themsleves, I may publish their remarks, but only if I can identify the asshole who sent it.