Friday, April 29, 2011

Winter's Last Gasp

Residents in this area awoke to snow falling ... Again. But there is hope that this truly is the end. Just think of the trouble we would be in if it weren't for global warming. Tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday appear to look much better.

The social season in Bayview Will also kick off with the Benefit Auction and entertainment at J.D.'s Resort Saturday. Auctionable items will be on view at 11:00 am with the auction to start at 1:00 pm. Yours truly will debut as auctioneer. I understand that there will be a ton of goodies available for the discriminating shopper. Tools, furniture, exercise equipment, even a commercial size popcorn machine.

All of this is the brain child of two wonderful people. Samtha & Wayne Hollingsworth. Faced with the disabled Dorothy Carpenter's dilemma of not being able to get treatment for her paralysis, stepped up and organized a huge auction and party for Tomorrow, Saturday. The auction will take place outdoor under tenting in donated space by J.D.'s resort. Starting at 2:00, live music provided and donated by J.W. Harding Band starts at 2:00 with a spaghetti dinner at 5:00. $5.00 donation is requested for the dinner.

Bayview and friends will have the opportunity to both help a neighbor and rock out to the tunes provided by George, Jeanne, Kevin and Daveana. The weather is supposed to behave, so come on down and spend a little money for great bargains, have a brew or two and help Dorothy recover.

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Anonymous said...

I understand that she already had the MRI through Dirne and that they found no problems .
I had a similar problem with bad numbness in both legs several years ago and went to a chiropractor first and was fixed. A pinched nerve or two is all it was. I paid for that myself and was unemployed at the time.
I have no health insurance either and had to have a colonoscopy because of previous cancerous history in that area.. My doctor at Dirne wanted it done since I was having some symptoms and since we live on a very low income, Kootenai Medical Center was very understanding and worked out a monthly payment plan with me. I paid for 2 years until it was paid off.
There are ways to get financial assistance for these medical issues. All you have to do is go through channels and just ask. I finally managed to slowly pay off all of those expenses on my own over a 24 month period of time.