Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sally Newcombe Is Heard From

Hi Herb: A big thank you to you and all the community supporters who signed the petition. I so much appreciate your writings and making the contacts to the proper authorities to get this resolved. Yes, they do have "egg on their faces". I wonder what will happen to the ISP's career now? Probably just a slap on the hand. More than likely he needs the job because he probably has a wife and young kids. He was young. His badge said he had been on the force only since 2007. Not long enough to think before he acted.

I am encouraging anyone who would like to, to write to Boise about this and the improper use of taxpayers money for such a stupid citation. Or write to our local ISP authorities.
Not to mention the emotional distress and anxiety, plus attorney's fees that I have endured to fight this.

Many thanks,

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