Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Sad Times

One of the many disadvantages of getting old are the increased number of friends and relatives you have to bury. Such is the case now. Thursday afternoon, I fly to Seattle to say my last good bye to my long time friend of 50 plus years, my brother-in-law, Tom Keenan. Tom was preceded in death by his wife and my sister a few years ago.

To my niece, Connie and nephews Bill and Larry, my deepest sympathy. Your family has had it's share of misfortune and then some. My heart goes out to you and yours in this, a most difficult time.

It is always difficult to loose a parent. About the only thing I can think of worse, is loosing your own child, which Tom's Mom will experience. I will probably be back in a few days and will resume this blog, perhaps with more pleasant subjects.

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